Friday Favorites 11.14.14

Happy Friday, pumpkins!
This is the first time in weeks that I will not be working a weekend shift so I am more than excited for this week's end.

These also made me happier than a weekend day off:

Guy goes kayaking. Guy meets sea otter. Cuteness and civil conversation ensues. 

Being an avid Jeopardy! fan, I've been looking forward to the Tournament of Champions with glinting eyes. I mean, just look at this epic graphic plastered on the Jeopardy! homepage. 

With the scores going into the Final Jeopardy round as such:
Julia Collins: 16,200
Joshua Brakhage: 11,600
Jim Coury: 2,800

Julia wagered $7,100 on The US Constitution. Julia fails to get an answer even I knew (which is super rare for Final Jeopardy) and finishes with $9,100. She's second place in the wild card standings to Rebecca Rider ($11,600). You can read about the whole gory mess here. I'm still hoping for a Collins v Chu battle- the world needs it!

In honor of R. A. Montgomery, who passed away on Sunday, pick up one of your childhood favorites in the Choose Your Own Adventure series. As the founding father of this innovative storytelling concept, Montgomery inspired me to create multiple story arcs and find possibility and appeal in all of them. Pass one of these on to a kid you know or pick one up and relive your youthful excitement. 

I love combining gray and black. I love layering pieces even more. Combo this cold weather look with a pale bag and the result is especially modern and chic.

A treestumped path in the autumn woods. Ahh how I can smell the crunchy leaves right now...

Ok, so this "dingbat" microwaves a glowstick. Once you get over the initial few seconds of laughter at the stupidity, take in all the glorious dad ranting that the rest of the video became viral for. I'm sure you've seen it, but I could watch this ten times today (and I bet you can, too).