Friday Favorites 3.9.12

Happy Friday, jujubees!
This week has been hectic/stressful/horrible.
But, here's some gems that made me smile:

Favorite Playlist:
holy shit you're smiling
A running collection of some of my favorite songs.
Always guaranteed to lift moods.

Favorite Quote:
"Time moves in one direction, memory in another."
-- William Gibson
Favorite Style:
Street Style from Paris Fashion Week

Favorite Nerd:
(Instrumental) Chiptune version of "This Charming Man" featuring Super Mario Bros. sounds

Favorite Want:
O*GE's Giant Birdsnest; the perfect naptime jam

Favorite Awesome:

Favorite Photo:
by austrian artist, werner reiterer

Favorite Video
The Story of 'Keep Calm and Carry On'
Even if you know the story, check out the dream worthy book store where the poster was found & revitalized.

So, what were some things that made you smile?