Friday Favorites 3.23.12

Happy Friday, mon amis!
Hope your week was tre lovely.
Here's some treasures that made me happy:

Favorite Album:
Port of Morrow - The Shins

Favorite Quote:
"Women always think men will change, but they don't. Men think women won't change, but they do." - Rose Teller, Luther

Favorite Style:
adding a pop of spring to a mostly black closet

Favorite Awesome:
Check out this photo of the Milky Way stretching across the desert sky and a distant monsoon thunderstorm on the horizon.  This was just outside of Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah. Shrinking the photo didn't do it any justice.

Favorite Adorable:
How could you not love this?

Favorite Geek:
The Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge is easily one of the most addictive games for lovers of words. The word's read aloud and then you have to spell it right; just like a spelling bee. Choose your level of difficulty (I picked Fiendish) & the voice of the reader (I picked the British one, duh). Good luck :)
my fourth game

Favorite News:
This is one of the Boys of Silence, a new baddie from BioShock: Infinite. They're basically roving security cameras that can hear and probably kill you quickly. I'd like to see one of these hacked.

Favorite Wow:
Amazon bought Kiva (makers of robotic warehouses) for $775 million.
Here's what all those pennies buy you:

What were some smile worthy things from your week? <3