Friday Favorites 3.16.12

Happy Friday, little leprechauns!
I seem to have a lot of videos this week.
Can we celebrate the anniversary of my brain officially rotting away?

Favorite Album:
Broken Social Scene- self titled

Favorite Quote:

 Favorite Style:

Favorite Holiday Trick:
How to pour the perfect Guinness from a can

Favorite Need I Say More:
Steampunk Portal Gun

Favorite Win:
Everyone knows I'm a whore for a solid Rube Goldberg video. 
According to the uploader, this kid "wants to be a theoretical physicist when he grows up and has big plans to study robotics at MIT."
+10,000 XP, Audri. You're my hero.

Favorite Giggle:
Supposedly, this is Christopher Walken reading Where the Wild Things Are
It's still funny even if it's an impersonator. 
Tuck in with some (spiked) milk and cookies.

Favorite Wow:
You're going to lose your mind around the three-minute mark.

What were some things that made you smile this week? <3