Friday Favorites 9.9.11

Happy Friday, healthy individuals!
I've been battling the bubonic plague all week, so it took a lot to make me smile. 
Here's some faves:

Favorite Album:  A Different Kind of Fix -- Bombay Bicycle Club.

Favorite Quote:  
"Inside every cynical person there is a disappointed idealist." -- George Carlin

Favorite Use of Technology: LiveRunway YouTube channel
We're just at the beginning of New York Fashion Week and most of us are probably working (boo). This has the major shows, they cycle so you don't miss anything, and you can hide it at work.

Favorite Style:

Favorite Anticipation: Missoni for Target
The sneak pics came out in August, but I wouldn't let myself get excited until now. I took off Tuesday for this-- I hope no one else shows up and everything's all mine!

Favorite Beautiful:
Can I live here?

Favorite Video: "WORDS" by Everynone
Oh how magical words can be :)