Friday Favorites 9.16.11

Happy Friday, sunbeams!
Hope your week was splendid. Here's some favorites:

Favorite Music/Documentary: Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon
Finally got to watch this. It's brilliant.

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Style: Missoni for Target
Since I left Target empty handed, I made a mad dash to the website (yeah, I was part of the crash), & snagged a few pieces before they disappeared. I desperately wanted all of the dresses, but they were gone by the time I got home! You can find them on eBay... for $300 each. Yeah.
ordered. waiting. hurry!
I guess it seems silly if you don't know about Missoni, but you can understand the rage when, let's just use an easy example, a Missoni for Target ballet flat was probably around $40 and a real Missoni ballet flat is $450. Throwing all fashion aside, you can't argue economics.

Favorite Pick Up Line:
"I bet our word counts add up to a full novel, wanna get them together sometime?"
-- dude writing at the table next to me at Barnes&Noble. 

Favorite Tricky Delicious:
learn to make it @

Favorite New Show: New Girl
One of my coworkers actually said, "You remind me of that girl from that New Girl show. She's cute, but she's such a mess." 
Normally I hate when people do this, but I had to check it out. It's way better than I expected and hilarious.
Watch it here on hulu before the premiere!

What were some of your favorites? Like any of mine?
Next Friday will be all my favorites from Spring 2012 Fashion Week. I'm excited. Hope you are, too <3