Friday Favorites 06.08.12

Happy Friday, neatofaces!
Hope your week was swell & stuff.
Wanna know what made me smile? 

Favorite Album:
Thank You, Happy Birthday - Cage the Elephant

Favorite Quote:
“Anything you dream is fiction, and anything you accomplish is science; the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction. ” 
-- Ray Bradbury 

Favorite Style:

Favorite Idea:
Who wants to play this Wes Anderson Bingo while we watch Moonrise Kingdom?
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Favorite E3 Goodie:

The Cronus adapter:
serious want.
Why was this not invented before? Personal preferences for controllers aside, this is like adding another controller to any system, provided you have more than one (& let's be honest, you do). Plus, you only need to bring one controller to your friend's place & it will work with whatever you decide to play.

Favorite Nerd: 

Meanwhile, in London...
did you know this site existed?!

Favorite Giggle:
"Dreams, squirrels and videotapes. A man dreams of a squirrel and then - backed up by a battery of machines - mounts an inquiry into the apparition of squirrels in other people’s dreams. Traumdeutung is an animation about the global reserve of dreams while crossing the border between documentary and surreal."

Favorite Awwwww:
Now that's how you spend quality time.
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Favorite Video:
I'm in love with Reddit. Half of my favorites probably originated there. And yet, I encounter so many people who never use it. Check out this PBS short about what makes Reddit pretty rad. 

Favorite Disappointment(?):
Did the Game of Thrones season finale bum you out, too? I tried not to jinx things last week by gushing about "Blackwater" (one of my favorite episodes of the entire series), but I totally expected more for the finale.
jaqen h'ghar is not amused.

So what were some of your favorites?
You know how to share them with me <3
... Valar morghulis!