Friday Favorites 5.25.12

Happy Friday, moonrise children!
Hope you're looking forward to a splendid & safe holiday weekend.
Here's some stuff I liked this week:

Favorite Album:
Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols

Favorite Quote:
"I can live for two months on a good compliment."
-- Mark Twain

Favorite Style:

Favorite Read/Idea:
The New Yorker fiction twitter account (@nyerfiction) let Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize winner, tweet an 8,500 word story in ten nightly installments. Each installment starts at 8pm est. and ends at 9pm. You can read "Black Box" tweet by tweet or you can read it all in order here.

Favorite Tumblr:
It seems like I find a new Tumblr account to follow every week. Let's make this a permanent thing, tumblrites. This week's is Pen & Ink, "tattoos and the stories behind them." But instead of photos, all of the tattoos are ink drawings. I dig this since I've drawn all of my tattoos and they're just basic line sketches.

Favorite Geek:
This is only part of pseudomacro's friend's epic game room. See the rest of the photos here.
this dude would be my bff.

Favorite Giggle:
Meanwhile, in Asia... this dude's just trying to play Tetris. It's sketch comedy, but the real giggles are in the subtitles. And the green soybeans. Thank you for existing, Asia.

Favorite Video:
Bill Murray Hosted Tour of Moonrise Kingdom.
Yeah, I'm in love with him, too; let's not hide it, Murraylovers. 

What were some favorites from your week?
Share them with me, jerkfaces <3