Friday Favorites 5.18.12

Happy Friday, kids!
Hope your week was all kinds of neat.
Here are some things that made me smile:

Favorite Album:
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack.

Favorite Style:
it was rainy & moody all week in the sunshine state

Favorite Wow:
If you're like me, when you hear someone say Easter Island head you think of this:
squidward, natch
But excavators at the Easter Island Statue Project found out that these iconic heads actually have bodies. Archeology win.

Favorite Giggle:
Set up by underpaid stewards of corporate social media promotion, these little gems of insight play off funny gifs in that oh so lovable tumblr fashion.

Favorite Geek:

Favorite Image:
Don Pettit, a NASA flight engineer on Expedition 31 sure does love a long exposure. You can find more on NASA's Flickr page.

Favorite Junior High Moment:
Ok, maybe I'm late on this birthday scenario game, but according to this I'm married to Voldemort. What the fun!

Favorite Beautiful:
Meanwhile, in Japan... these are manhole covers. Why does Japan have to be good at things I didn't even know we sucked at? Geez.

Favorite Video:

So what were some of your favorites?<3