Friday Favorites 5.11.12

Happy Friday, sunshine!
How lovely was your week?
Here's some bright spots from mine:

Favorite Album:
Franz Ferdinand - self titled 

Favorite Quote:
"Never cut what you can untie." - Joseph Joubert

Favorite Style:

Favorite Win:
Thirteen year old Mallory Kievman invented the Hiccupop; a lollipop that stops hiccups. Seriously. Chances are you were not this productive when you were thirteen (I definitely wasn't).
Read the whole story here and let that self disappointment wash all over you.
Favorite Cool:
Game of Thrones inspired beer logos.  I'm putting this out there to inspire some crafty homebrewer to concoct beers with specific flavor profiles based on each house. Hint, hint :)
See the other logos here via HuffPost.
i wanna be a stark!

Favorite Geek:
Fully fucntioning Portal turret. Want.

Favorite Wow:
These are pictures from India's fantastically colorful Holi festival.
 Click through the slideshow via Environmental Graffiti to learn about the origins of the festival and see more pictures. 

Favorite Video: 
My friend sent me this Broken Fingaz stop animation graffiti video and I could neither avert my eyes nor shut my mouth.

What were some favorites from your week?
Share them with me <3
ps: happy mother's day, you amazing moms! you're the best <3<3<3