Friday Favorites 8.5.11

Happy Friday, gals and ghouls!
Hope your week was less than scary. Here's some things that made me smile:

Favorite Album: 
  Torches -- Foster the People. If you know of any remixes floating around, hook a chick up cause I want them!

Favorite Accessory:  How. Fun.
Thanks, hellogiggles <3

Favorite Aww!:  
Michael Kors and longtime (hottie) boyfriend Lance LePere are finally getting married!

Favorite Proud Moment: 
I made pizza from scratch, all by myself, and it was amazing.

Favorite Look:

Favorite Image:  
This is from Nikola Tesla's Colorado Springs laboratory. Amazing. Inspiring.

Favorite quote: 
My nose has been buried in old poetry books lately and I came across this passage that I double underlined in high school. And I still love it.
So what were some of your favorites from this week?