Friday Favorites 8.26.11

Happy Friday, kids!
I hope you're somewhere dry and safe to hide from the hurricane.
Here are a few of my favorite smiles from this week:

Favorite Songs:  
"Don't Fear the Reaper" -- cover by Van She. Love the Blue Oyster Cult classic, love this, too. 
And "Blue Rose" by Speculator which you can listen to here

Favorite Quote: 
So I picked two.  It's my blog and I do what I want.

 Favorite Show:  Secret Diary of a Call Girl  

Favorite Art Idea:  Melting crayons on canvas. Will definitely try this.

Favorite Rumor:  
Marc Jacobs to fill John Galliano's place at Dior.  This may not seem like anything big to people outside of the fashion cult, but let me just plant this seed in your head: Marc Jacobs (amazing designer on his own, frequently name dropped here) has been at Louis Vuitton since 1997. Besides creating LV's first RTW line, he's the one who made the LV logo a huge status symbol. Do I think he'll do that for Dior? No way. He would have to top that and that is exciting.
Favorite Video:  Procrastination by Johnny Kelly

What were your favorites from this week?
Link them to me in the comments <3