Friday Favorites 1.6.12

Happy Friday, future Mayan prophesy survivors!
Hope your holidays were splendid. 
Here's some stuff I've been enjoying this first week of 2012:

Favorite Playlist: 
 Untitled in Sunny Gray--
Nada Surf, Young the Giant, Real Estate, Death Cab, Kings of Leon, Rogue Wave, & Grizzly Bear

Favorite Style:

Favorite Nerdism: 
The Jeopardy! online test registration is now OPEN
Tests are the week after next, so start cramming knowledge.

Favorite Geek:
Looking for a +1?

Favorite Infographic:
Tim Leong's Harley Quinn Paradox
the more bare skin she shows, the less fans care about her. hmm.

Favorite TV: 
I downloaded and watched the only season over the holidays. 
Good thing it was canceled in 2002. I hear there's a movie..?

Favorite Awesome:

Did you guys make any silly resolutions? I think you can guess what mine is. It involves a particularly pesky novel that just won't cooperate.

Share your cool with me<3