Friday Favorites 1.27.12

Happy Friday, loves!
Hope your week was wonderful. 
Here's some things that made mine swell:

Favorite Album: 
Making Mirrors -- Gotye

Favorite Quote:
“Curious people are interesting people, I wonder why that is.”
-- Bill Maher

Favorite Style:

Favorite Neato:

Favorite Smell:
Lush's Flying Fox shower gel.
I love the way my apartment smells after this; so sultry and warm and pretty
jasmine and honey and loveliness

Favorite Wow:
"The Gibraltar Airport is the only major airport where the runway actually intersects with a major highway. When a plane has to take off or land, car traffic is shut down."
awesome because it's slightly terrifying

Favorite Video:
Maurice Sendak on The Colbert Report
You can see Part One here. But I loved Part Two: 

The Colbert Report

Future Favorite:
Help me decide which show I should start watching. 
Here are your choices:
Downton Abbey
*other suggestions welcome