Friday Favorites 11.4.11

Happy Friday, crazy pants!
Hope your week was fantastic.
Here's some cool shit I liked:

Favorite Album: Ceremonials -- Florence + The Machine
Favorite Accomplishment:
my GLaDOS costume
Probably one of my favorites ever.
I forgot to take pictures from the side & back where I had lots of wires falling from me. Also, the "shoulder/head piece" was supposed to stay in my hair, but that lasted all of fifteen minutes. Yes, it glowed. 
I want to wear my Wheatley ring all the time.

Favorite Style:
Add a little royal to your wardrobe

Favorite Story:
A mystery artist has been leaving beautiful things made of books in public places all over Edinburgh, Scotland. What's even more amazing than the art is the fact that the locals don't want to know who he/she is.

Favorite Giggle:
+50 geek points

Favorite Video:
Absolutely wild. The chick's face at the end was me after I watched this.

Have any favorites this week? Share them with me & maybe I'll use them next week <3

PS: Happy NaNoWriMo! I'm officially announcing WORDS as a November favorite. Wanna be part of NaNoWriMo this year? Sign up and we can become writing buddies.