Friday Favorites 7.29.11

Happy Friday, lovelies! 
Hope you had a great week. Here are some things that made mine special:

Favorite song:  "Ragged Wood" -- Fleet Foxes

Favorite look:
Ryan Gosling (marry me?) upstaging Emma Stone at the Crazy Stupid Love NYC premiere. He can pretty much do no wrong, but this suit is soooo right. Licks screen.

Favorite guilty TV moment:
@BravoAndy telling the Real Housewives of New York to STFU because they were all "acting like beasts" on Part One of the Reunion. Amazing. Poor Andy. 

Favorite project:
Worth 1000 challenged designers to create vintage ads for modern products. You can see more of them here.

Favorite quote: 
"They practice on blondes before they marry the brunette." -- overheard in the Nordstrom fitting room.

Favorite feeling: 
 this scene from Garden State totally sums it up.

What were some of your favorites from this week?
Share them with me in the comments below :)