Friday Favorites 4.27.12

Happy Friday, loves!
Did you miss me? I kinda missed you..and stuff...
Here's some of my favorites this week:

Favorite Album:
Silent Alarm - Bloc Party

Favorite Style:
totoro everywhere you go!
Some awesome girlfriend made these for her boyfriend. She's definitely a keeper.

Favorite Rumor:
Pixar shed a little light on a Dia de los Muertos themed movie with Toy Story 3's Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson. Surprised there's no mention of Tim Burton? Me too. Still, super excited!
Favorite WTF:
Russia's white orca, Iceberg. 
Killer whales freak me the crap out. Scientists think Iceberg's just a case of albinism, but they're not sure. 
What if Moby Dick is evolving as we speak...?

Favorite Website:
Urban Ghost Media

Described as an "offbeat online magazine about abandoned places, hidden history and alternative travel," this site is one of the best ways to waste time/escape...

Favorite Giggle:
I can't decide which is funnier; is it the product or the sign?
proceed to partyyy

Favorite Geek:
Ever wonder what it's like to work at Valve? Of course you have, you're awesome.
This is the Valve employee handbook. Color me green with envy. 

Favorite AMAZING:
Speaking of Valve, have you seen the Portal 2 "Perpetual Testing Initiative" DLC?
I'll just let that marinate in your happy parts for a bit. 

Favorite Videos:
I am hooked on these @minutephysics videos.  

What were some of your favorites? <3