If Your Blog Looks Like This:

Since starting to take my blog semi-seriously, I've been coming across many other blogs that look like shit.

I'm going to pass by your blog (and roll my eyes) if it has the following:

  • A stupid title. Sure mine makes no sense, but it's better than Cute Booksie Corner Flower Friends Forever.
  • Horrible Formatting. Blogspot is incredibly easy to use, but you'd be surprised by how many people screw this up. Why are you widening your columns so much that I need to scroll sideways? I have a big monitor and if you can't fit your words down the center there's really a bigger issue here.
  • Excessive Sidebar Icons. I don't need to see a banner/button/sticker for every minute detail of your life. If you feel so giving, text is quite acceptable. You should assume if I want to read your blog I can actually read. Relax on the crappy visuals.
  • Annoying Ads. We all need money, I get it. But most of these ads screw up formatting (previously mentioned hatred) and distract from your posts. Unless you've formatted your website so that the ads stream along the sides in well mannered columns of unobtrusive boxes, write me for the ten cents you probably would have made and take them off.
  • Lengthy Posts. Back in my LiveJournal days I committed this offense many times. Then I grew up. I'm not going to read something that takes more than three scrolls of my mouse wheel to finish. Write me a teaser, hide the rest, and hope that I'm interested enough to play along to the end. *Exceptions for good short stories always made.
  • Background Music. Please don't subject me to your garbage. Fastest clicking away ever.

Hope I've helped. If not, no one reads this anyway.