blog through the block

Since it's become obvious to me that whenever I hit a wall with my novel I tend to curl up and ignore it until the self-hatred consumes me from the inside out, I've decided to let my issues run free in the hopes of finishing this monster and disliking myself a little less.

This blog perfectly exemplifies what I mean. Last post was in January? Pathetic.

A protagonist doesn't always need to have an antagonist, right?
One week my protagonist is minding her own business, the next she's fighting a random villain. I can't seem to decide.

Can life be an antagonist? Isn't life hard/annoying/tiring enough? Especially since my protagonist is a teenager. Life is all of those things plus awkwardness and a pinch of hell.

I can talk myself into the former, but I can talk myself into thinking she needs someone concrete to fight with just as passionately. Even if I forgo all-powerful foes, shouldn't every girl have a simple arch-rival?

If she was only like me and hated everyone an answer would be much easier to obtain.