Wednesday, March 28, 2012

London to North Carolina

So remember when I said I was going to London this spring? Well, I've been planning my trip since the summer and let me just say, it's pretty badass. However, it quickly morphed into a two week excursion through England, Ireland, and Scotland. There's at least seven different reasons why this isn't happening in May. I won't bore you with logic.

Wild fantasies started to grow in my brain like weeds since I lost something big to look forward to. My magical mountain cabin was one of them. The perfect destination for a runaway. Secluded on all sides by acres of forested wilderness on a lake that shines like Sunday mornings. No internet, no cell phone, no neighbors; no interference except the glowing distractions of fireflies. I'd just pack my Kindle, notebooks, laptop... and then it hit me. 

I'm going to finish my novel. At my cabin. This spring.

This idea has undeniably become my new obsession. A few weeks of gallivanting through the UK doesn't weigh that much on the importance scale when placed alongside the prospect of a finished novel.  My UK love affair can wait until the sequel. And yes, since I'm neurotic and  already semi-planned the next book, it will totally work.

I might go camping. I might learn how to fish. I might get lost in the fog over the Smoky Mountains. Ok, wait, I don't want to learn how to fish... hike? I can hike.

Anyway, that's the plan. I could also be kidnapped by moonshiners and fed to a colony of black bears. Good thing there's no cell reception where I'm going or else I'd be tweeting the fuck out of that.

Life is exciting. Even if slightly delusional.