Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Corporate Chick(y)

Well, I've succumbed to the corporate world of cubicles and appropriate attire.
Haaaa yeahhh right. Feels like Catholic school all over again.

I don't want to mention the name of the company I now work for because what I say here might somehow reflect on them in the future etc.. You know, lawyer traps and such. I'm smarter than that, suits.

My title: Communications Specialist. I've been told I hold confidential information and I'm not allowed to talk about anything outside of my secret room sooo... I've already said too much.

I have a cubicle thing. And I don't know what to do with it yet. Does it bite?

Other than dancing in cash money, the job works with what I'm good at (writing, talking... communicating stuff).

I work 10.5 hour days, four days a week. Three days off means I get an errand/chore day and still have a whole weekend to write/procrastinate/do nothing.

My commute is literally walking across the street. Seriously.

I was worried about clothes because my closet is far from corporate tool, but I did some snooping and found thermostats set between 68-72 degrees at various spots. Cold. But I get to wear little sweaters and tights! Woo! Probably my favorite temperature range. (Don't you have a favorite temperature range?)

You have to know the distinction between a job and a career. Everyone hates their jobs. The career gods call my soul to be an unsuccessful author and I can't fight it, such is my lot in life. But I think I found a job I don't totally despise, so then there's that.