Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Navigating the Summer Sales

All hail the Summer Sales! This special time of year when everything goes on sale to make way for the new fall fashion almost makes summer worth it. Almost.

Sure you can save a lot, but how do you stretch your purchases beyond summer? I have a few foolproof tips that work for both men and women:

First you need to do a little research. Fall fashion shows happen the spring before so we can already guess which looks will translate from runway to ready-to-wear. Flip through some of your favorite designers' look books from their shows & jot down some elements you like. Check out one of my favorites: NY Mag

The best place to start: your favorite designers/your favorite stores. This works in person and especially online. Maybe their clothes have always been a little out of your budget, but now they may be on deep discount. I'm not saying you have to spend big bucks at the fancy places to look good. Fuck that. Style is priceless if you know how to put yourself together.

Take note:
1) Classics: Summer fashions are always one of two things: on target with spring trends or basics that work year round. Take stripes; a classic that always pops up in spring, they could easily work in fall because they're timeless.
DKNY's stripes could be a summer tshirt used as a bold fall accent Fall.11.RTW

2) Color: Huge. My NY mind thinks of fall as deep, rich colors like sapphire, charcoal, and plum. When you spot these colors on sale grab them quick. They make a sophisticated statement during summer and blend right in for fall. I tend to stay away from sale bright colors only because they remind me of summer even when it's over.
Big fall trend colors: Yves Klein blue (think Blue Monochrome 1961) and Red (Michael Kors). John Varvatos' quintessential fall colors are center.

3) Layers = BFF. Tanks and tees can be layered under cardigans or sweaters come cold months. Skirts and dresses can be layered with tanks, sweaters, and tights. If you can pull it off, pretty shorts with tights is so super chic.

Charlotte Ronson goes punk with her tights Fall.11.RTW

4) Essentials: Sales are awesome to stock up. Think everyday pieces. You don't want to spend the money to buy these things full price come fall, you want to save your money to buy new pieces to accentuate your modern edge. You should splurge on fashion forward shoes or accessories, not boring basics.

-- Watch out for trends that may be on their way out or are way overdone. That will totally date your look come fall.
-- Don't buy something just because it's an amazing deal. Buyer's remorse anyone?
-- Don't think you only have to buy for fall; if you see something you love (and it's on sale!) and you think you can wear it at least two times before the summer's over, by all means buy it and smile.

Keep your focus and think ahead. You can easily score a cool new wardrobe without going broke if you keep all of my tips in mind.

Have any tips for me? I'd love to hear them all :)