Monday, June 27, 2011

Is there a hotline?

I've finished a flash fiction set and I really want to get it out there, but I'm having second thoughts.

I changed two stories because I thought they were too "awkward" to deal with. And by this I mean they were about sex/weird shit I'm not courageous enough to put out there for my family to read.

A professor in one of my writing workshops said you have to write like you have no family, like you're an orphan with no one to answer to.

Yeah, totally get it; I've never censored myself.
Well, when I thought no one was ever going to read what I wrote...

So I either throw it all out there and damn the consequences and uncomfortable stares or I keep using this "It's never going to be finished" disguise so I don't share it with anyone.


I can't edit myself out of my work, but not everyone knows that part of me. So if I keep it in and those close to me don't really get it (or me) that's probably going to kill me.

How do I come out of the writing closet?